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Egg Donor Matching Process

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Once your application is approved and you meet the stringent requirements for egg donation, we diligently begin the match process. As your match agent, we work on your behalf to find matches with prospective parents that work within your busy schedule.


We enter your details into a computer database and provide access to prospective parents who may peruse your profile at their leisure. We also carefully review the requirements of hundreds of parents who are seeking egg donors at any given time. We send your profile to parents who we think might be a good match for you.


We also reach out to IVF clinics that are seeking donors with your attributes and alert them of your availability. Our staff has worked with over 100 IVF clinics across the country. It is fairly common for us to line up several matches in a row for repeat donors over a year long period. Our most successful donors have completed 6 donor cycles in a 2-3 year time period and have earned over $60,000.

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