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Egg Donor Travel

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It is rare for an egg donor to find a match with an IVF clinic in her home town. We will certainly do our best to speak with your local clinic to secure a match for you, however, most egg donations require an egg donor to hop on an airplane.


The good news is, if you decide to become a serial egg donor, you may have the opportunity to visit many interesting cities across the country with expenses paid. We also recommend to prospective parents that they cover the cost for a companion to travel with you, so you can bring a friend along to double the fun.


We work with busy young professionals and college students that may only have a few weeks of time off a year, so we are very attentive to your needs. You can expect 2 days of travel for the initial appointment with your IVF doctor and then up to 10 days away from home for your monitoring and egg donor retrieval.

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