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Become an Egg Donor

Give the most remarkable gift that will change a family's life forever while also financially improving your life. 

Find an Egg Donor

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Egg Donor Fees

Donors may charge a fee for carefully following and completing the egg donation process. It does not matter whether any viable eggs were extracted. As long as a donor followed the medical protocol prescribed by her doctor, she will be paid her fee for her time and discomfort.

First-time egg donors typically ask for a fee of $5,000. Repeat egg donors often receive $10,000 or more based on their characteristics and the successful outcome of their previous egg donations, including whether donations resulted in a pregnancy and live birth.

Our most successful donors have completed 6 donor cycles in a 2-3 year time period and have earned over $60,000.

Egg Donor Travel

It is rare for an egg donor to find a match with an IVF clinic in her home town. We will certainly do our best to speak to donor's local clinics to secure a match, however, most egg donations require an egg donor to hop on an airplane and spend up to 10 days away for egg retrieval. If a donor lives in Canada, she may have to be present in the U.S. for 10 - 20 days, depending on how she responds to fertility drugs. Travel expenses, hotel stays and food per diem are provided.


The good news is that serial egg donors have the opportunity to visit many interesting cities across the country. We also recommend to prospective parents that they cover the cost for a donor companion, so travel is even more rewarding.


We work with busy young professionals and college students that may only have a few weeks of time off a year, so we are very attentive to donor's needs. Donors can expect 2 days of travel for the initial appointment with her IVF doctor and then up to 10 days away from home for her monitoring and egg donor retrieval.

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Matching Process

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Once a donor's application is approved and she meets the stringent requirements for egg donation, we diligently begin the match process. As a match agent, we work on her behalf to find matches with prospective parents that work within her busy schedule.


We enter a donor's details into a computer database and provide access to prospective parents who peruse donor profiles at their leisure. We also carefully review the requirements of hundreds of parents who are seeking egg donors at any given time. We send a donor's profile to parents whom we think might be a good match for her.


We also reach out to IVF clinics that are seeking donors with specific attributes and alert them of a donor's availability. Our staff has worked with over 100 IVF clinics across the country. It is fairly common for us to line up several matches in a row for repeat donors over a year-long period.

Egg Donor FAQ

Our staff at Mindful Fertility has 45 years of combined experience matching egg donors. We have put together a list of commonly asked questions for first-time egg donors.


The FAQ covers the details of the application process, the matching procedure and what to expect from a time commitment for the medical protocol. 

We are not medical professionals and serve only as your match agent helping connect you with parents searching for a donor with your attributes.


We leave the medical protocol education up to the IVF clinics you will work with. Every clinic is a little different, so you should do your research, inform yourself and be prepared with questions for your IVF doctor. Always talk to your regular primary doctor first to determine if egg donation is right for you.

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